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The Shintangle Web Site is our attempt to share our love for this wonderful place with everyone. Those of you who have visited us at Shintangle know what we're talking about. This web page will introduce you to this special place. Join us for a tour online and then visit us in person!

On the Shintangle web site, you can check in and see what's going on "Up North."

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About Us
What exactly is "Shintangle?" How do you get here? Click on the "About Us" link and get more information about the Shintangle cabins, Torch Lake, and the area.

If you're thinking of visiting, you can check the schedule on the "Calendar" page.

Things To Do
For things to do while you're here, check out the many options on the "Things to Do" page.

Want to see what you're missing? Click on the "Photos" link to see some pictures of all of us in action.

Contact Us
Need to get in touch with us? Click on the "Contact Us" link for contact information.

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Shintu - The "Small Cabin"

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